So you want to know what right I have to waffle on to tell you about travel?  No worries, read on….welcome to my life!

I’ve been lucky to have the opportunity of travelling for a couple of weeks every summer with my folks from when I was young.  I was even in Romania just after being a sparkle in my Dad’s eye….and that was a long time ago when people would have thought you were crazy going there.

Since then I’ve been away several times a year whether it’s a cheap weekend with mates or a long term trip.  My real passion is going places where the culture’s different to my own (I’m Scottish), the food is different and where I can try to get off the beaten path a bit to find out more about the people and places.

I’ve visited over 50 countries so far, but the list of ‘wanting to go’ places only gets bigger.  I intentionally never wrote the ‘tick-list’ as that’s not what I’m about.  I’ve had two periods of long term travel – one to a winter resort, and one round the world trip….it’s just that I only went half way around, and came back a different route.   During that I volunteered as a photographer and trek leader with a charity in Borneo for a few months.   I’ve even been to Afghanistan to take photos for a magazine in November 2009 and had a superb and interesting trip.

My other passions apart from travel are mountaineering – scrambling, summer and winter climbing etc, snowboarding and skiing (ouch I can’t believe I wrote that – I’ve just started to switch back after 16 years on a board!), going on weekend trips at home in my van and I have a strong and active interest in photography.  I love outdoors sports and in the past I’ve been a keen mountain biker, wakeboarder etc. I’d love to do a paragliding course, do more kayaking…and loads of other stuff.

As well as travel I really am passionate about my own country of Scotland – one of the best little countries in the world 🙂

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