Directions to Osh Guesthouse, Osh, Kyrgyzstan

by budgettravelnotes on July 28, 2010

One thing that seems to get mentioned a lot on the Lonely Planet forums is how hard it is to get to Osh Guesthouse.  Now we found it really easy, but then we got picked up from the border 🙂

When I imagined Osh after reading the forum entries I imagined it to be one dusty town in the back of beyond – I don’t know why I still thought like that as I’m pretty well travelled, but when I got there I didn’t think it should be so hard to find the place.  The one thing that puts people off when hunting it down is that it’s not like your average backpackers and it’s basically an apartment being used as a guesthouse. It could also appear as thought it’s in a run down area, but that’s just because its in an old soviet style apartment block, so here’s the lowdown.

I assume you’re carrying a Lonely Planet Central Asia book or similar (we weren’t).  I won’t reproduce the map here for obvious reasons, but basically if you’re on the main road ‘Kyrgyzstan’ then it shouldn’t be too difficult.  If you land in town from the border, you’ll probably pass an area on ‘Kyrgyzstan’ that’s got a small square with quite a few people sitting around, or follow round to the general area from the bus station.

You’ll probably have an idea when you’re in the right area on the main road so here’s what you want to look out for :

If you’re heading away from the market, look for a large building with ‘Megacom’ signs on it.  This is next to a small lane – you want to go down this small lane.  At the end of the lane, turn left, and you’ll see a view like this :

You then want to head over to the right, past the silver shed, and walk up the tree covered lane :

When you get on this lane you take the third door on the left, and walk right up to the top of the stairs.  The door is normally left open and you’ll be greeted with the small lettering of Osh Guesthouse as below :

You may not like the look of what you’ve seen here but it is what it is – a budget backpackers guesthouse in Osh. Although it’s not your average western hostel you can get a wealth of information from the owner.  You can contact them in advance to get picked up, arrange long distance taxis, or see if he knows of anyone else wanting to follow the same route as yourself.  The last bit alone could save you a small fortune if you want to cross over to China and can share the costs with someone.

Of course he’ll hire you cars, drivers and guides for your entire stay if you want.  At the time we were there (May 2010) I think a car for 5 days was around $290 to Bishkek (taking in sights on the way), and $500+ for a sightseeing week with packed itinery and guide.

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