Using a VPN to Access Blocked or Restricted Sites When Abroad – e.g Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Facebook

by budgettravelnotes on May 8, 2010

Many more travellers get disappointed when they travel with their gadgets and they can’t access sites such as Hulu, BBC iPlayer and Facebook when they’re on the road.

Although you may associate this with countries such as China and the recent spats they’ve had with Google and the likes, it could also affect services such as Skype in countries like UAE (Dubai), Oman etc.

To get around this more and more travellers are starting to use VPNs, or Virtual Private Networks on their laptops, netbooks, or their smartphones (whether they’re Android, iPhone or another platform).

The other benefit of these are they will make your WiFi connection more secure and keep your banking and other passwords away from prying hackers.

I’ve just written a page on the site that will give you more information and a few sites to look at to get a VPN installed on your device – have a look at my new Top Travel Tips Page to get more information. Over time a lot more articles will appear here given info and advice on budgets, destinations and technology for travel.

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